Friday, October 07, 2005

We're Off!!!!!!!

Well, not so much to China, but in an hour we will be leaving for the Nashville Airport. Our friend Brent is driving us the loooooong drive to Tenn. so we can stay the night in a hotel so we're ready for our early morning flight. Alot of nervous energy here! Especially because of the ticket foul up. I still can't beleive our travel agency accidentally cancelled our seats! But that's all behind us now and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here. I am dreading the long flight, but I am so looking forward to meeting Lydia for the first time. Getting to know her is going to be a joy. I have so much hope for her! Russell is turning in his employee handbook. He is still employed by Briggs, but has had his last official day working. He's now on two weeks vacation and when he comes home he will return to a new job with his new baby.
I talked to a few of my students today. I was glad to see them. I missed work because of the ticket fiasco and I wanted to tell them all I loved them and I hope they have a great semester. I feel particularly bad about my directing students as they were casting their shows today...but according to Danielle, it all went well and they are fine.
Anyway...we are going to be staying in China at The Pearl Hotel for our first night! I can hardly wait! It's almost here, the trip of our lives!


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