Monday, October 10, 2005

The day looks a whole lot brighter when it's, well...brighter!

So it's the end of our second day here in China and today went SOOOOOO much better. We got up and looked around GZ and the people were so interesting and interested in us as well. Everywhere you look there are people on bikes and motorcycles. However as many people as we saw on the streets on bikes in Guangzhou that number quadrupled in Nanning. Nanning is (according to our CHI coordinator Dennis) a city of 1,000,000 people and 500,000 motorcycles! It's completely believable if you wander around the streets for any length of time (which Russell and I did). Motorcycles are everywhere. They even drive up on the sidewalks. It's total chaos, but at the same time it's a chaos that everyone understands and respects. China has less traffic fatalities than any other country in the world. Dennis told me if you see more than one fender bender a year, you've really seen something--and to see a major motor accident is almost unheard of. It's amazing to watch that's for sure. And it's even more amazing to become a part of it as they drive up on the sidewalks etc. and you become a part of the traffice. I actually got used to it very quickly.
Exploring was cool. We went to a grocery store. Nothing big...literally a hole in the wall sort of place. We found some snacks and some purified water there. Russell got some crackers, I got some water and fruitbars and for Lydia we got some fish and vegetable dehydrated baby food. Tomorrow we hope to make it to Wal-mart and see what we can find there. I always tell Russell whenever we go somewhere the last place I want to go is Wally world, but this one is three stories high so I just gotta see that!!!


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