Friday, November 04, 2005


It's not just Liddy's body that's swinging it's her disposition as well. Last night was really hard after an incredibly good day. We had a wonderful day with daddy as he had to change to 2nd shift for training. We went out to eat and everyone fawned over Liddy. From there we went to Liddy's daycare to introduce her to Ms.Darlene and to meet the children and become accustomed to the space. Lydia did really well and one boy in particular, Jackson, really took to her (and me). Lydia was intrigued by Jackson as he had platinum blonde hair. She kept wanting to touch it and was alright with Jackson sitting in my lap with her. (A first!! No baby has been able to come near me previous to Jackson or Lydia would wail!) Lastly we went to the park and played on the slides and swings. She was pretty indifferent to the slides, but the swings scored big. Once we got home and daddy left for work WAY a different story. Lydia would not let me sleep. I had to hold her all night. I even tried taking her into our bed and she would have none of it...I had to hold her and I had to be in a chair waiting for her daddy. I was very happy when 3am rolled around and daddy finally came home and I Lydia calmed down enough to sleep.


Blogger Karen and Jon said...

I have really enjoyed following your story. Thanks so much for sharing. It is obvious that Lydia is thriving!! I long to be where you are a year from now.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 12:00:00 PM  

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