Saturday, October 29, 2005

BTDT (Been There Done That ) The sequel

One thing I forgot to mention...I meant to bring this item, but totally forgot and it's worth a mention. Inflatable tubs are a good thing to bring with you. I totally had enough room for one in my luggage. (Again I was UNDERWIEGHT and had practically everything I needed and too much of some stuff.) The babies from Desheng were very resistant to being washed in the sinks. Lydia and others about busted a gut over it everytime. (I ended up sponge bathing the child as I have a bad knee and the tub was not gonna be an option fo us.) I was told by Joline later (the member of our party who spoke Chinese as she spent her young childhood living in China) that many of the babies do not like the sinks as they look like pit toilets to them. Now, how true is this...I don't know. But I do know this, we have a tub for her at home and she ADORES bath time. In China, in the sink, bloody murder!! So I really was kicking myself for not bringing the inflatable tub.

Also, someone asked me about toys. I brought Lydia a variety of toys. The soft stuff was a bust. Anything cloth covered or stuffed (besides washcloths and blankies) were met with disdain and suspicion. Plastic toys were a big hit...especially if they made a sound. I remember my nephew. Rattles were so 10 minutes ago for that child. For my little girl, if you can shake it and it makes a noise it is "the bomb", and she will play with it for hours. I brought toy keys, 2 plastic rattles, some see-through noise making blocks (her personal fave) and a ball--and that is what she played with. The stuffed doll, the stuffed sound making catapiller the soft rattle and stuffed dog with chew paws did not make the cut at all. The only thing I wish I had brought (toy wise) that I did not bring was an electronic that made music and lights. I decided not to as the battery compartments are difficult to open and close and I didn't want my luggage to make noise and be checked at customs. (Whatever I got checked anyway...I live with Mr. Shifty after all...I don't know why, but Russell ALWAYS gets nabbed by airport officials. We got it in the way in and on the way out!) Anyway, we got a sound making toy in Guilin...but never could find one that was small that made sound and lit up...if I could go back in time I'd have brought that though. She loves that kind of stuff! And I love when she loves something! That smile is worth a million dollars.


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