Monday, August 07, 2006

Build a Bear

Build a Bear isn't just where you build a toy, you build a friend. Here is Lydia's first Build a Bear experience. She was excited at first, but by the end, the noise was getting to her. We picked a monkey friend, since Lydia was born in the year of the monkey and dressed it in Snow White clothes as they were the most colourful and Lydia's favourite!

Lydia pushed the peddle (with a little help) herself to stuff her Build A Bear monkey.

Here she is handing the associate who was assisting in the building the heart she picked out for her monkey.

Once your new friend is built, you give them a bath.

After you dress your friend you give them a name. When I asked Lydia what she wanted to name her, she signed Wiggles (her favourite TV show) so Wiggles was named!

Lydia with Daddy and Wiggles


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