Monday, October 10, 2005

More Steve Perry (Journey) Moments...

Pictures include our view of Guangzhou from our window in the Tianhe and the "western" style restuarant we ate ate. It's so much fun to see how they view us! They were trying to emulate an American dining experience. At first glance it looks very up scale American...but upon closer inspection you notice small details that are wrong...such as "old school" cans of soda with the pull off tops, and the salt shakers having sugar in them and no salt anywhere to be found. :-)
Also included are pictures of the Guangzhou airport and our room at The Majestic in Nanning.
The Guangzhou airport is amazing by the makes huge look teeny tiny. The people there were great. (A running theme in China I've noticed) and extremely understanding. Our tickets to our flight to Nanning had gotten cancelled--yes AGAIN!! Can you believe it? But when we got up to the desk, the reissued them to us with an incredible discount attached! We had our luggage officially weighed and I was way under. The trick ladies and gentlemen is to load up your carry on. THE DO NOT WEIGH YOUR CARRY ON!!! As long as it's mass is not so big it will not fit into an overhead compartment they do not care about how dense a package it is! My luggage weighed 35 and 37 pounds and my carry on weighs over 25 pounds each! Little tricks to get ya through!

As for our room. It's incredible. I was not expecting the hotels to be like this. They are inexpensive as all get out and the amenities are 5 star hotelish. We have turn down service and little chocolates placed on our bed and fresh flowers! When I was in Englad we payed through the nose and it was like staying at a Motel 6. Here you pay motel 6 prices and the treat you like royalty!

Golly it's late and Russ and I have to get up early tomorrow to get paperwork done in preparation for Gotcha day! Only a few hours away. Stay tuned for some dazzling photos of the most beautiful girl in South China!!


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