Saturday, October 29, 2005

Up all night

When we were in China I was blessed with one of the few babies in the group who would sleep all night without interuption. We did have that one really bad night when we left Guilin while she was asleep and she woke up in the night in Guangzhou not knowing where she was and she was inconsolible. I was up all night that night with her...but that was incredibly understandable. Since coming home to the United States it's been a different story. This child has NOT been sleeping. Again, I understand. Everything is new (including the time zone)...and she's never been in a room by herself before. I have been exhausted and hoped and prayed she would sleep through the here it is...a night with (thusfar) no interuptions...and I still can't sleep, worried about why she isn't waking up...It's official. I'm a mom.


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