Tuesday, December 20, 2005

37 Minutes

Yesterday Russell took off work. He only got one day off this year (since he just started)and he had to take it before Dec. 31. When he found out he had a day off he came to me and offered to use it to take Liddy to the Social Security office with me. Honestly I was DREADING going to the SS office. My fellow China moms who had already been through the SS Gauntlet had absolute horror stories to tell and I WAS NOT looking forward to this particular mothering duty. I was glad to have Russell along and I selfishly said yes, Yes, YES to coming with and helping out. The closest social security office is in another city so being true China adoption veterans we were packed to the gills. We had enough supplies on us to survive 2 Li River boat trips. (Remember the river boat debacle? 8 hours on a rusty boat with 12 screaming one year olds, a four year old, a 16 year old and 28 very unhappy adults trying make said same one year olds happy! Otherwise known as Hell? Yeah, that trip!!) Yeah...we were ready. We had all our papers on Lydia ready to go. When I called and asked what I would need I was told to "bring everything". Everything is a lot in an international adoption situation...but we brought it all! Birth Certificate, Adoption Certificate, Abandonment Certificate, Citizenship Certificate, Passport, Visa, the entire adoption dossier, heck we even brought her shot records...in additon to our passports. We got her bundled up since it's like 15 degrees here and off we went expecting a VERY long day. I mean my friends were talking about 6 hour waits! We got there and the parking lot was completely full. We waited for a spot and trudged in as Lydia began her charm routine. (She can work a room better than a magician.) Lots of waving and smiling and flirting ensued while we took a number. About 5 minutes later they were calling that number and 32 minutes after that we were departing. From the moment we entered the building until we left...37 minutes. That's it. What's that saying again about nothing to fear except...??? Maybe I should look that one up huh?


Blogger Sheryl said...

Hi Lissa!
My husband and I did the same preparations *sans baby* when we went for our fingerprints. We were told to expect a 3-4 hour wait minimum in Philadelphia. We went the day before Thanksgiving and everyone must have been home stuffing their turkeys because we were back in the car 36 mins later!
Your baby is absolutely beautiful! I have been following your blog since before you left to pick her up and I cant wait to be holding our baby!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 1:53:00 PM  

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