Tuesday, January 10, 2006

3 months ago...

She still answered to the name of Hua when this picture was taken. It's the first picture I ever took of her. Now her name is Lydia. But I remember 3 months ago like it was yesterday. The room was blazingly hot. It was just after 6pm and we could all hear the babies in the next room crying. The government official was talking for what seemed an eternity...and finally they opened the doors and the babies filed in, one by one, carried by their nannies. As they came in the room audibly gasped as 12 of the 13 families saw their child (not just a picture...but the actual child) for the very first time. For three months we lived with a picture and a few random words about her personality. (Likes bright colours, very attached to principle care giver and will cry when seperated, becomes excited when she sees her food.)I loved her...the second I saw her I knew I would never stop loving her. Some people talk about how attaching took time...but it didn't for me. She owned me from the first second I layed eyes on her. I was a-okay with that then and I still am now.


Blogger Donna said...

Happy three month anniversary. Three months isn't long but it must feel like you've had Lydia forever! I know it seems that way to me.

Mom to Gwen of Shenzhen!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 3:07:00 PM  

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