Friday, February 17, 2006

"Oh! What big teeth you have!!"

I just wanted to take a moment and comment on the picture "A better grin for Grandma". Those little pearly white things glistening in Lydia's mouth are not merely "photospots" or food she hasn't swallowed. Those are he teeth! Russell and I got a bit obsessed with one of her front teeth as it had been giving her a spot of trouble for a looooong time. We've had many crying jags over one very pointy tooth in the front!! And it is...VERY pointy. It almost looks like an upsidedown vampire fang.

Anyway...I digress. Because we became so concerned about helping her through that one tooth, we totally missed the other four (you heard me FOUR!) that were also coming in! So baby Lydia now has 12 teeth!!

She's got hair, she's got teeth...soon she'll be driving!! Okay, maybe I'm rushing that driving issue a little? But you get my point. It all goes so fast doesn't it??


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