Sunday, February 12, 2006

A veritable Rapunzel!!

Lydia has short hair. Not because we cut it short, but because she is "hair challenged". She's a gorgeous gal, no matter the length or state of her hair, but on this--our 4 month anniversary of becoming a family...I thought I would share with you the chronicals of of Lydia's hair growth.

This is Lydia's referral picture. She is 6 months old here. When I was begging Russell to describe her to me on the phone. (Since I was in Alaska at the time.) He described her as beautiful with male pattern baldness.

This is Lydia's hairline on Adoption Day October 12 at 3 am. She is just over 1 year old, and not yet our daughter...but will be within a matter of hours!

This is Lydia today Feb. 12. Just over 16 months old. Oh see how her hair has grown!

Our little beauty yesterday on the 4 month anniversary of Gotcha Day. It won't be long now until mommy will be pulling that hair up into pigtails!


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