Sunday, July 09, 2006

"Danger, Danger Will Robinson!!!"

Okay...I know we just went through this, but for a whole different reason.

"Geekbase One" (our laptop) is back in the shop. It will be a week, possibly two before it is returned to our loving home. What's wrong this time? Well...Lydia got a hold of my keys. And since we, being forward thinking parents, covered all the electrical outlets the only hole she could find was the hole in my computer where I normally put the camera disk to retrieve photos. Not knowing the computer had been "violated" by my daughter when I went to plug it in we had...well, a fire. Yes ladies and computer caught fire. No burns or singes or damage other than my hair is a little whiter and my computer is literally fried.

Fried...yes...oh and what a lovely smell let me tell you. But fortunately computer is still under warrantee and curious baby and silly mommy are safe and soung.

So to recap. The bad news: Loving Lydia will be anywhere from slow to down for one-two weeks because the computer is in the shop. The good news: The computer will be fixed and my keys were not harmed. :-)


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