Saturday, February 25, 2006

Left here to be found?

I've been doing more and more research recently about where Lydia was from and what her life would have been like had we not adopted her. This inspired Russ to do some searching too, and he thinks he's found a picture of the dam where Lydia was left to be found. This is a dam in Xingye, so it is likely...but we also know China has the most dams of any country in the world. The country with the second most number of dams has less than half the number found in while it's likely her spot, it's not definate.

It's beautiful there though isn't it? The temperature on October 13 2004 (the day she was found) was brisk for that time of the year in Xingye...around 34 degrees, but it was a clear day. No rain, light wind. It bothers me that it was so coldas it's likely she was left on the 12th (a mere 3 days old) and spent the night there. It was probably a very long, very cold, very lonely night. And she must have been terrified.

But those days are over now. And while it makes me sad to think about how she was left...I hold onto the fact, that she was left with a a place where her faraway mommy knew people would be the next day to work...that she was truly "left to be found", and WAS found in a beautiful place.


Blogger Karen said...

Lissa, Cady was left at the entrance of a village..Most likely not her birth mother's village or she might be caught leaving our daughter. My conclusion is that she walked to another village entrance at night and left her. She was also found at 4 days old, so she had to be 3 days old at the time she was left that night. And in HeFei it rains (sometimes snows) almost daily, from September to April.
The fact that Lydia was found at a dam, makes me wonder if her birth mother had gone to the dam, then had second thoughts and hoped she would be found, therefore she left a note, because she was really wanting her to live and to be loved. What a miraculous turn of events, both in Lydia's fate to be in your life...and in her surviving to be with you.

Sunday, February 26, 2006 5:34:00 PM  

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