Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27, 2005

One year ago today I was in Anchorage directing a show for Alaska Theatre of Youth. I was out of touch with the world as the internet was pretty difficult to access from where they had us housed. My last contact with the world told me I should expect an August referral and so, even though I knew referrals were to soon be received by many of my online friends…I waited patiently for August, expecting nothing.

I called Russell at the beginning of lunch that day and spoke with him from the greenroom of the theatre where I ate. He was still in bed while we spoke. I’d woken him up…he was working third shift and of course there was a time difference between Alaska and Kentucky. After we chatted I made my way up to the main level of the theatre to the office so I could pick up the balls I needed for my afternoon rehearsal.

I’m pretty good about turning off my cell phone, but that day I forgot. It was on and it rang in the office. I checked it, fully expecting it to be my stage-manager…but it was Russell. I had JUST spoken to him, so I got excited. “Honey,” I said: “Did we get our…No. I’m sorry…that’s crazy. What’s up? Is something wrong?” He was crying as he said. “The agency just called, we have a daughter!”

I screamed…literally screamed as the people in the office swamped me…I have my baby I have my baby and then I ran outside as over 200 children who were all inside for lunch due to smog alerts (there were BIG fires in Alaska at the time, so the smoke was horrible) began to descend. I knew they weren’t allowed outside…and I needed to hear about my girl. So out into the smokey streets I flew eager to hear every detail.

Is she healthy? How old is she? What is her name? What does it mean? Was she fostered? Do we have a picture? Tell me everything…EVERYTHING!!

Russ answered. She is healthy, She is 9 months old. Her name is Ye Hong Hua. It means red flower. She wasn’t fostered. We will have a picture tomorrow…I don’t know anything else. I love you.

I love you too.

And with that our call was over and our daughter was finally a reality.

Many hugs and kisses and congratulations followed. Tons of red flowers showered me and I waited one more day, not so patiently, for her picture. My first glimpse of Lydia was still to come.


Blogger Scott and Karen said...

It's mind-blowing to think a year has passed, isn't it? The happiest of anniversaries to your entire family and isn't it wonderful that this year all three of you are in the same time zone and together?

Enjoy your wonderful day and happy celebrating!!

All our best,
Scott, Karen and Gwen in NC

Thursday, July 27, 2006 7:13:00 AM  

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