Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Adventures in Ambitious Teething

My little girl is cutting teeth...not just one, oh no...not even two...THREE!! She's cutting three teeth at the same time. WOW!! Ypo'd think she'd be really cranky all the time, but usually she's just fine, usually. Sometimes she hurts. And when she hurts the word inconsolable comes to mind. Usually Russell steps aside and Mommy holds her and it helps a little, but hey, when your mouth hurts it hurts. I'd be crying too even if Johnny Depp was holding me. Well I wouldn't be crying as much...but I'd still be crying. ;-)

Anyway we've tried it all. Tylenol, Motrin, teethers, ora-gel, frozen washcloths etc...none of it works for her except this....frozen pedialyte pops. Give her one of these and she'll be "right as rain" in a jiffy!


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