Monday, April 17, 2006

News from China April 2006

Almost 24 Million Still Without by Michael Zhao
According to the midterm result released by the Office of Poverty Prevention of the State Council on its "Rural Poverly PreventionDevelopment Plan 2001-2010," there arestill 23.7 million Chinesewho don't have enough to eat and wear, a decrease of 5.6 million in five years. The number of low-income population, earning 683-944RMBa yea year ($85-$118 a year American) is 40.7 million, or 20 million less than five years ago.

8 out ot 10 women feel discrimination from potential employers by Michael Zhao
Eight oout of ten graduation college females said they were discriminated against in therjob-hunting, accordingto the survey by the Ministyof Labor and Social Security on students in Beijing and Nanjing. Ninely percent of the surveyed students said they had heard about the recruiting discrimination.
A draft of a new law, aiming to promote employment and address issues of discrimination,has already gone to the Legal Office of the State Council, China's cabinet for deliberation.

The Stones Rock China, but hold the Brown Sugar by Mo Ming
After nearly 30 years of trying, the world's most famous rock band finally made it to the world's largest country, as the Rolling Stones brought thei show to a small stage in China's biggest city.
The Concert, a late addition to the band's Biggest Bang world tour, was the productof long negotiations adnumerous compromises: from thevenue, a diminutive 8,000-seat indoor arena, the the songs allowed by Chinese censors.
The five songs reported to have been banned were "Brown Sugar," "Beast of Burden," "Lets Spend the Night Together," "Honkey Tonk Women" and "Rough Justice," a song from their new album. All the songs listed were removed from the Chinese version of the band's greatest hits album in 2003.


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