Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Here's Jooooohhhhny!

Okay, back in the game with internet! Thank God!! Guilin was a total bust, please see forthcoming post that I wrote while still there about our Guilin experience. All I have to say about it now is unnecessary. It put all of us, especially the babies under undo stress and made for a miserable night for mommy last night as Lydia (who now has Russell's cold) was so scared I was going to leave her here alone. She literally woke up every 15 minutes crying Mama and wanted me to hold her and soothe her back to sleep. Which I did, but it broke my heart everytime to see her crying in panic and then as she saw me she'd touch my face and smile as I calmed her down until the next 15 minute interuption. Today I'm exhausted, but glad Lydia is finally sleeping in her crib again, and hopeful she will do so tonight. Her cold isn't serious, but we did call the pediatrician to ask about what medications we can give her as the orphange gave us a long list of drug allergies she has. When I called Dr. Houston (I LOVE her by the way.) she told me to basically throw away everything I have and she's right now being dosed with benedryl and saline sprays. WOW--Saline spray is GREAT for clearing little stuffy noses. TAKE SALINE SPRAY IF YOU ADOPT FROM CHINA! I am the only one here with it (all the girls have colds) and I am quite the envy of the group. Who ever would have thunk that salt water could make you the envy of the town?? :-)
We did our medical exams today. Again, WOW. It was miserable and hot. The lines were extremely long and the babies were just processed like factory goods. Lydia apparently has a sore in her mouth and they stopped us for that. Scared us as we weren't sure what was up at first...and we will definately have Dr. Houston take a look at it asap! Tomorrow is when Lina (our coordinator) and Annie (our guide) have interviews with the Am. consulate regarding our adoptions so we are on standby in the morning in case there are problems. In the afternoon we go SHOPPING. Oh yeah...back away and keep your hands in the cart, because Lissa is loose in China with her Visa! The prices for stuff here is crazy low! Shoes are like $2 a pair--for like really nice shoes. Shoes are an obession with the Chinese--Russell and I noticed that. Shoe shine places abound and shoe stores are everywhere. Men who otherwise may look like crap--unkepmt sweaty, etc.--but their black leather shoes are always well cared for!! Oh Oh I do know one thing that is expensive in China!! Deoderant. Mine busted on the way from Nanning to Guilin. Fortunately it was in a baggie, so it was destroyed, but the other stuff survived. Anyway, it took me 2 days to find deoderant in Guilin and when I found it, it was 1) mentholated and 2) over $10 in American. Now, near the Swan I found some and it was reasonably priced--but that is an area that caters to foreign trade so if you forget your underarm protection, or it's destroyed like mine before you get to Guangzhou--expect to pay out the nose...get out the nose...(sigh I guess it was a bad joke huh?)

BTW the family picture is of us at the White Swan hotel on the famous red couch!


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