Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wei Shao Ting

I am taking this time to publically thank the man who was a major part of my daughter's first year of life, Wei Shao Ting. This man is the orphange director at the Desheng SWI and I owe him more than I have ever owed anyone in my life. Mr. Wei's positive influence on these children is apparent in how extremely healthy, well fed, beautiful and adjusted these children are. It is obvious to us our Liddy is mourning. She is clinging hard to us, frightened we will leave her, ecstatically happy one moment, terribly sad and inconsolible the next. She seeks the comfort of our touch and clings, she wants to run from us and stay securely in her crib...all within the span of 10-15 seconds. It's hard for her to adjust to a new life. She is being uprooted from everything she knows, her schedules, her comforts, her environment, her language all gone. She is getting much in return--I know that--but she doesn't and it's hard for her. Right now her comfort is some gestures and sounds that several of the babies repeated over and over after Mr. Wei as he played with them from in their cribs. I saw him do it with the children as they were being assigned their new families on Gotcha Day. He loved these children, and they loved him and bonded with him. The bond they formed with him will make it more possible for them to bond with us...and I thank him...I thank him with all my heart.


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Blogger Our Journey to Faith said...

Lissa, What a wonderful man. It warmed my heart to hear that your daughter was so well taken care of and very loved! I have followed your progress for a long time and its such a sweet picture to see your family. Congrats and good luck

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 10:32:00 AM  

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