Thursday, October 13, 2005

Meeting people...

So we made it to the park today and it was awesome. We walked their from the hotel. Not far at all. On the way we passed by a store and I saw some squeaker shoes and I got two pair. One for now and one for when she is bigger. They are shoes that as the baby walks, they squeak with each step. It's suppossed to encourage the baby so they learn to walk faster and better. Not sure if that's true or not, but I needed to get them for her as they are darling! They are adorable. She doesn't walk on her own yet, but when supported she will step, so they are nice to have and fun!

The park was beautiful. Lots of sound and colour and Lydia loved it. We met a lot of people and they would stop to look at Lydia. All were friendly and asked about her. (No clothing police!! We must have done okay. Whew on that one!) The ladies (and some men too) would ask us her name and age. Many would try to guess her age. We got lots of thumbs up etc. One person who knew a little bit of English came over and asked if I was American or from some other country and I said American and he said good good, and gave me a thumbs up. They really like Americans here. reason I think they like me and Russell is because we try to speak a little Chinese. We say hello and smile at everyone and that goes a really really long way here. We say Ni Hao (pronounced like Knee How)to everyone. (That basically means Hello) was also say Xie Xie whenver someone is nice to us. (Sheeah Sheeah) It means thank you. The Chinese really appreciate you at least attempting to speak to them in their language and it's helped us get along. Really the only person I've met in China who was a jerk was a guy at the hotel who is an American. He dislikes all the babies being around and is very vocal about it. He met my husband on the elevator one day and was looking for an ally in his position (not realizing he was talking to one of the fathers) and Russell embarressed him about it! Go hubby, go hubby, Oh Yeah!!! It amazes me the intolerances people have. To hate, because someone chooses to sad.


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