Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My daughter likes chocolate and other significant details

If Lydia could talk she would say...
I like to play in my crib.
Sound is bitchin’.
Soft toys? Where’s the fun in that?
Apple juice are you crazy woman??? Gross!!
Grape Juice…now you’re talking!
Pumpkins aren’t just for Jack-o-lanterns anymore.;..they’re for eating.
If somebody else has it, it must be better than what I have…so I will steal it!
Diaper changes are akin to torture.
Where’s Alexandra?
My gums hurt!
I want Mommy to hold me!
Baths…please see previous note on diaper changes.
Mom twirls me better than daddy.
Being held upside-down is ubercool.
What’s in your mouth mom? Let me see if I can pull it out for you.
Dad makes a great bed.
Boat trips are boring…
Who is this strange Chinese woman and why does she keep pinching my cheeks.
I like chocolate cookies--Yummy!

This post was written October 14th


Blogger Donna said...

Too cute! Somehow, I think Lydia might just be speaking for most babies!

Our hotel room was freezing cold too. We'd turn off the A/C and the maids would turn it back on. It was maddening! We were sure Gwen was freezing but we visited her SWI and noticed that they have AC in the baby's room and all of the babies were dressed in onesies! Go figure!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 3:58:00 PM  

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